As of March 16, 2020, the Title IX Office is working remotely but is available by phone and video conferencing to respond to student needs. Please email titleixcoordinator@nullwfu.edu if you have questions, concerns or to set up an appointment.

The following scenarios are examples of conduct that may violate University nondiscrimination and/or sexual misconduct policies:

  1. On multiple occasions over a period of several months, a student touches another student’s lower back while making overtly sexual comments and gestures to that student, who had indicated the behavior was unwelcome.
  2. A faculty member sends a student repeated requests for dates, excessive text messages and emails expressing romantic feelings towards the student even after the student told the faculty member that s/he had a significant other.
  3. A male student willingly kisses a female student on one occasion. When the female student subsequently attempts to kiss him again, he objects, but she kisses him anyway. This subsequent kiss is considered to be unwelcome despite the welcomeness of the first kiss.
  4. An employee uses vulgar language and obscenities, openly visits pornographic websites, leers at the bodies of colleagues in a suggestive manner and makes off-color sexual jokes that offend others in the department.
  5. A student explicitly talks about sexual exploits from the weekend and touches a faculty member in an offensive manner while on a university-related trip.
  6. Over the course of several months, a student sends multiple inappropriate and unwelcome texts and images of a sexual nature to a staff person.
  7. Students heckle another student with gender-stereotype comments that are based on the student’s sexual orientation even though the comments are not sexual in nature.
  8. On multiple occasions, a faculty member addresses a transgender student with the pronoun associated with the student’s sex assigned at birth, instead of addressing the student by the pronoun with which the student identifies.
  9. While at an off-campus party, a student puts his finger or an object in another student’s vagina or anus while the student was sleeping or incapacitated from alcohol consumption.