Contact the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

The University Title IX Office conducts investigations under University Title IX policies, has authority to issue No Contact Orders, and assist with other interim measures, such as changing campus living assignments and course sections.

Title IX Coordinator
Aishah Casseus, J.D.
Director, Title IX Office and Section 504 Coordinator
336.758.7258 |

Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Jessica Telligman, J.D.
Assistant Director, Title IX Office
336.758.4997 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for WFU Employees
Melissa Clodfelter, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Faculty & Staff Experience
226.758.3079 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Lindsey Babcock
Deputy Athletic Director and Chief Operating Officer
336.758.3140 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for School of Medicine Students
Sarah Riney, J.D.
Director of Education and Compliance, School of Medicine
336.713.3352 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for AHWFB Employees
Kim Caprio, Ed.D.
HR and Title IX Director, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
 336.618.6277 |