1. A No Contact Order can be issued by the Title IX Office because there is a reason to believe that it would be in the best interest of the involved students and/or the community for promoting civility, safety and wellbeing.
  2. This Order is mutual, meaning it is issued to both people, and neither person can contact the other.
  3. This Order is not disciplinary, meaning the fact that it was issued does not go on your student conduct record. Violations of the Order may become part of the student’s conduct record as determined through the University’s conduct system. The student will have ample notice and opportunity to be heard if a violation is alleged.
  4. The Order does not require agreement or even prior notice to either student. The Title IX Office is always willing to meet with students who have been issued No Contact Orders to answer questions and outline boundaries. If you would like to discuss your No Contact Order, please email titleixcoordinator@wfu.edu.
  5. The Order is not a court-imposed restraining order. Students fearful for their safety may seek a protective order from civil court at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice. Protective orders issued by a judge through civil court carry the power of arrest for alleged violations. The University cannot arrest someone for an alleged violation of a Title IX-issued No Contact Order.
  6. This Order does not guarantee student safety, nor does it prevent all sightings of the other person. Students who are concerned about personal safety should contact University Police.