The Title IX Office collaborates with students and other University offices, such as the Safe Office, the Office of the Dean of Students, and Office of Wellbeing, to offer awareness campaigns and prevention programs that seek to promote positive and healthy behaviors. We strive to foster healthy, mutually respectful relationships, encourage safe bystander intervention, and seek to change behavior and social norms in healthy and safe directions.

Culture of Respect Framework

As part of Wake Forest’s ongoing commitment to addressing sexual harassment and misconduct on campus (including workplace harassment) — through the Division of Campus Life — Wake Forest is a member of the NASPA Culture of Respect Collective (CORE). The CORE initiative is a strategic planning process grounded in a comprehensive, evidenced based, ongoing self-assessment.

A key component to the CORE’s success is its emphasis on cross-campus collaboration. Building off of the work initiated by the Sexual Misconduct Prevention, Policy, and Resource Team, the CORE Campus Leadership Team (CLT) — comprised of Wake Forest faculty, staff, and students — spearheads Wake Forest’s participation in this initiative. Currently, there are over 50 members on the CLT who actively contribute to creating and implementing a strategic plan for preventing sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct on the Wake Forest campus.

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Prevention Education & Training

Employee Education & Training

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The Title IX Office is available to provide workshops and programs upon request. Please contact Aishah Casseus, Executive Director, Office of Institutional Equity
Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator, by phone at 336.758.7258 or by email at